Monday, September 24, 2007

Clientquery spoofing

Here's something somebody showed me a long time ago, but I haven't put it up until now. Do people keep recognizing your client as a cheat client because of the "clientquery" command? This will make your client appear to be the same as others, or you can make it say whatever you want.

In buildDate.cxx find these lines of code:

#ifdef HAVE_SDL
appVersionStream << "-SDL";
appVersion = appVersionStream.str();

and put this line of code right after it:

appVersion = "";

This makes your client look like the regular, Windows 2.0.8 version. Of course, you could even change appVersion to be anything you want, like "A BZFLAG CHEAT CLIENT, PUNK!" and if I remember correctly, it may not filter out swear words.
So that's the cheat. So stop bugging me Nightmare.


person said...

I see poeple jump up into the air and grab flags. I want to e ablt to grab any flag i want to at any time. How would i do that?

endorphine said...

Well who doesn't know that.
Do you have a really good code which draws the shot pathes?
I got it already by copying about 10 lines of code, which draws the shot path on radar like thief or laser, but i guess you have a better one?


randomdude said...

I would also like a rico calculator please :)

Oh and also, do you have the lag spoof cheat? I played around in laginfo.cxx but didnt really come out with anything.

And do you have any sw hacks? Or if you dont want to post them, point me in the right direction? Thanks.

person said...

Ya, i want a shot line on my radar that predictd where my shot willl go.

person said...

Also, one i would realy like to see, is how to have adjustable tanksize. I once recall using a client with the keys { and } , which are pressed to change tank size from 5 times to 0.05 of the normal setting. To other players the tank appears normal sized.

NightMare said...

=] NightMare has the answer! Heh this will draw a line on your radar to predict where your shots will go. Its almost exactly perfect.

Open RadarRenderer.cxx


//draw world weapon shots

Add this right before it:

FiringInfo myInfo(*myTank, 0);
if (myInfo.flagType != Flags::ShockWave) {
if (!BZDB.isTrue(StateDatabase::BZDB_SHOTSKEEPVERTICALV)) myInfo.shot.vel[2] = 0.0f;
myInfo.flagType = Flags::Laser;
myInfo.lifetime /= 100;
const float cs = colorScale(myInfo.shot.pos[2], muzzleHeight);
glColor3f(1.0f * cs, 1.0f * cs, 1.0f * cs);
LocalShotPath myPath(myInfo);

It worked for me, let me know how it works for you. Enjoy!


person said...

For some reson, it wont work on some servers.

NightMare said...

ahh yes I noticed that too, I'm working on it, it should work on the majority of them though

orbit said...

hey guys i need the skinny code badly.. and radar path!

quantumdot said...

hey guys, I use mac and really am new at compiling i keep getting a really this annoying error message, if on of you guys uses mac, can you please post up a client for me? I would like radar path, if possible to toggle between 100%,80%, and 60% tank size, thanks!

person said...

I have a macantosh intel cleint with adjustible tanksize in any increments be doing /size i might post it. Somone did this work, but not me.

person said...

ok, this code my not be correct but tell me how it goes.

At top of src/bzflag/CommandsImplementation.cxx:

extern float sizeCheat;
class SizeCommand : LocalCommand {
bool operator() (const char *commandLine);
static SizeCommand sizeCommand;
SizeCommand::SizeCommand() : LocalCommand("/size") {}
bool SizeCommand::operator() (const char *commandLine)
sizeCheat = atof(commandLine+6);
return true;

At top of src/bzflag/Player.cxx:

#include "LocalPlayer.h"
float sizeCheat = 1.0f;


else if (effectFlag == Flags::Narrow) {
dimensionsTarget[1] = 0.001f;

Add this after:

if (id == LocalPlayer::getMyTank()->getId())
dimensionsTarget[0] *= sizeCheat;
dimensionsTarget[1] *= sizeCheat;

To use send /size .1 to /size 1. You must either be killed or pick up
or drop a flag for the size to change.

person said...

just remember "somone" did this, not me. All credit goes to him.

person said...

Also, sorry for all the posts. For example /size .5 will make me 50% tanksize. Players cant see that your smaller though, but bullets act on you as if you were the size you set. and yes, size 0 works to to make u unshootable.

quantumdot said...

thanks man, i'm going to try an build it now, but if i get the same error message do you think you can send me your client? thx for your help again

quantumdot said...

man, i really cant seem to compile right. i keep getting these same 2 errors, If you could can you post your client somewhere that i could get it? thanks again for your helpn

NightMare said...

Hey whats up QuantomDot, I've seen you on some servers lol dont picture you as a cheater though. What are the errors maybe I can help.

quantumdot said...

I deleted the source i was using but it kept coming back with some weird error and failed everytime i tried to build it, it's happened so many times and i'm just tired, i really just need a client that i could use that has some mods, nothing to big though.

person said...

go to :

and try there from scratch. If you just cant, i will post the bzflag client but however, it will be spicificly for mac os x intel. I wont be shure if it will work and becuse this is a build your own bzflag fourum, i will only include this and the very basic see stealth and se cloak.

quantumdot said...

@person: all i would really need is skinny tank (i dont really need radar path but i just like it) if your client has that i'll be happy with it. just need something to make me a little better!

boysourpower said...

LOOK!!! There all losers.

boysourpower said...

I need help on compiling for windows. Im using that bloodshed devc++ one.

quantumdot said...

any updates on that radarpath/skinny tank client?

person said...

srry, havent found the time to work on it. dont worry, ill post it this weekend if not sooner.

quantumdot said...

thanks man, i appreciate the help.

person said...

Ok, you know the gm cheats? The no lock on teamates was never posted to here it is. It's not very good, but it will stop your shots from traking teamates. Ok this will only work if you have the gm's track multiple targets installed. Open GuidedMissilStartegy.cxx and find:

LocalPlayer* myTank = LocalPlayer::getMyTank();

after that you will find the line if (myTank). After that add this..

if (lastTarget == myTank->getTeam())

person said...

LOL, i realised i cant kill anyone. Oh well. COuld somon post how?

quantumdot said...

i downloaded it and it didn't work.. I get the bzflag icon with a big cancel arrow going through it. I do not have an intel mac (which im guessing is the problem) is there anyway to make a PPC client, or universal somehow? if it's too much trouble then forget it, but if you can i would greatly appreciate it.

person said...

What version are you running? Tiger? (10.4) and it's a ppc.

quantumdot said...

sadly i updated to 10.5 last week :( i didnt think about that..

person said...

So, anyone have the code on how to not lock on teamates? My code doesn't work.

quantumdot said...

still no luck, not sure why its not working..2.0.10RC3 works on 10.5, dunno why this shouldnt :|.

randomdude said...

I think my requests got forgotten, and bzfcheat seems to be running on low for a while, so ill put it out again:

Lag spoof cheat pls? Better for identification purposes.

Any sw hacks? An uber-long lasting giant sw would be nice to play with.


randomdude said...

So, whats happening to bzfcheat?
Haven't heard in ages.
Some guy posted some pastebin stuff, which included some of the code for phaz's specialty cheat which gets you killed. It didn't work though. (either that, or i missed a bit. there was code in playing.cxx and in composedefaultkey.cxx)
Care to give us the rest? Or maybe something to keep us going? (lag spoof cheat :P )

Lord Jesus said...


I had trouble getting point sending to work, too, until I disabled god mode. If you can toggle god mode, try toggling it off. If not, then try disabling god mode (e.g., commenting out your god mode lines) and then give it a whirl.

Also, you can't send gotBlowedUp unless you are spawned (this is where automatic respawn can come in handy). So, you can't use it if you are not yet spawned, dead, or an observer. Additionally, you have to send it to specific players. It won't work sending to all (using "n") or the admin channel (using "z"). That is, use "." to send to specific players.

For added fun and laughs, you might also consider a custom macro. For example, let's say your command for getting killed is /killed. You can set up a macro (e.g., ctrl+k) to send "." + /killed + [Enter]. That way, you can rapidly send it over and over again. Good times :)

Even though you can't send it as an observer, you can send it *to* observers. It's rather amusing on some servers to see server messages about observers like "[Observer name] is on a rampage!"

Back to your original question, though... On the pastebin stuff that you've seen, pay attention to the beginning of playing.cxx and ComposeDefaultKey.cxx as well as the lines further down in each respective file.

I hope this helps.

Lord Jesus said...

... as a supplement to my previous comment, when you use "." to send, you are not actually sending gotBlowedUp to that player. Rather, you are using the private chat feature to get the identity of a specific player for your gotBlowedUp (i.e., by whom I got shot). That's why using "n", "m", or "z" won't work.

I am interested, though, in exploring the potential for that. Imagine being able to be killed by all teammates... and then doing it repeatedly on servers that kick for team killing :P And, hypothetically speaking, wouldn't it be funny for an observer to be kicked for team killing, lol.

Lord Jesus said...

... let us know if the above recommendation(s) worked for you. Again, I hope it helps.

Lord Jesus said...

Rats, I forgot to add earlier that I have noticed that it doesn't work on all players... but it does work on most. So, if you are trying it out and it doesn't work on the first player with whom you experiment, then be sure to try other players to be sure.

youngwiz said...

ok guys so i need a radar path client for windows; please if someone could send me a client with radar path for not only my shots, but also other people's shots. thanks! im a noob at this so i have no idea what to do with the client when someone gives it to me -.- could someone please send and explain? id REALLY appreciate it

Tom1990 said...

Hi, I'm quite new to the game and am finding it hard to stay alive for longer than 30 seconds. I'd like to become a skilled dodger and would like a head start by using the radar path cheat. Would someone be so kind as to give me step by step instructions for this? Email me: Thanks!


the_superficial said...

I really find it great, what you are doing. Helping the weaker ones to be competitive. I have the same problem. On every map I join, there are these old, good players, killing me and making fun of it. Maybe you can help me?

I need a Windows Client with FullscreenRadar, RadarPath, ShotPrediction, TankSize, and ClientQuery spoofing as a normal win 2.0.10 client

I thought I try to compile my own client by using the infos I got here, but it seems I cant install properly MS Visualbasic, allways failures. So I cant compile my own version; but I really would like to. So - I have to set up an new Windows OS first. Maybe you can help me with sending a compiled Version, with the things I mentioned above?
I would be really thankfull and praise you all day long. Maybe I can offer you something very interesting in exchange for this little favor.
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