Sunday, December 30, 2007

Choose Who Kills You

Ok this is a very very powerful cheat. With this cheat you send a PM to the player saying "/kill" and you will instantly be killed by that person. It is very useful and funny when you do it to teammates and they get booted for TKing or their score drops immedietly.
In src/bzflag/playing.cxx:
Add to top:

int killMe;


// used later
float waterLevel = World::getWorld()->getWaterLevel();

Add this after:

if (killMe)
killMe = 0;

In src/bzflag/composeDefaultKey.cxx:
Add to top:

extern int killMe;


else if (message.length() > 0) {

Add this before that:

else if(message=="/kill") {
const Player *Other = LocalPlayer::getMyTank()->getRecipient();
{ killMe = Other->getId();

And that is it. Now type /kill in a messege to someone and you will be killed by them. Make sure you do NOT have god mode on when you try to do this otherwise it won't work. Also there is usually 1 random player everytime you log into a server that the code doesn't work against. But other than that one player it should work against everyone else. Let me know if this code works for you guys.



randomdude said...

I already implemented this cheat through the pastebin, i just had god mode on, i have it as /killme.

Just wondering though, did you test it with /kill or something else?

I just would've thought that having it as /kill would interfere with the /kill admin command

Lord Jesus said...

I like to use /k. "/kill" was used as an example. Yes, it can interfere if you are logged in as administrator or cop with access to the /kill command.

Thank you very much for that.

^nightynight^ said...

Ok noob problem here, please bear with me...
In src/bzflag/composeDefaultKey.cxx, it says find else if (message.length() etc..
Well i cant find it in the file
I even used ctrl+f lol
It shouldnt matter if im using the 2.0.10 source should it?

Lord Jesus said...


The section you are looking for is this:

if (sendIt) {
std::string message = hud->getComposeString();
if (message.length() > 0) {
const char* cmd = message.c_str();
if (LocalCommand::execute(cmd)) {
} else if (serverLink) {

Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't recognize all html tags for posting comments, so I can't post it the copied text "as is" from the file. Keep in mind that there are indentations in the original text that don't appear above.

Anyway, I copied the above from the ComposeDefaultKey.cxx from 2.0.10. Most of the cheats here were written for 2.0.8. One cheat in particular that no longer works on most most servers (which have been updated to 2.0.10 or newer) is the flag sending cheat. A prevention for that was added in 2.0.10. Just to be on the safe side, you may want to use 2.0.8 for cheating since it is still compatible with the servers.

This cheat is similar to the Super "Kill Me" on Demand cheat posted recently (the Super cheat is simply a modification of this one). Take a look at that one, too, and that might help you with where and how to add your lines of code.

I hope this helps to clear things up a bit.

^nightynight^ said...

I need someones xfire or aim to help me out.
I did what you said Lord Jesus, and it helped. Then i tried to compile and got ALOT of errors (im not sure there is a word to describe how many). The thing was, the errors wernt from anything from the code i put in. I tried compiling the files without any changes in the code and i still have the errors.

Lord Jesus said...


For killMe $ SuperkillMe (choosing who kills you on demand), I updated SuperkillMe to fix a formatting issue. When I did, I accidentally left out the editing of this line in CompseDefaultKey.cxx:

if (message.length() > 0) {

changed to:

else if (message.length() > 0) {

So, if you are still getting errors with Choose Who Kills You or SuperkillMe on Demand, then take another look at that line in the the ComopseDefaultKey.cxx section. That should fix compile errors with that cheat.

You aren't the only one with errors on the /aim cheat, and we're still working on that one. It should be fixed either today or over the next couple of days.

^nightynight^ said...

By xfire or AIM, i ment like an instant messager. Ive never really compiled bzflag before so im not sure if im even doing it right.

NightMare said...

^nighty my AIM is dm0ney317 you can IM me on there any time you see me on. That is a zero after the "m" FYI =]

Smith said...

trying to learn programming/cheating. NEED HELP!!!
(yeah, i'm a newb)

first of all: where is "playing.cxx" (how do i open it)?

the_superficial said...

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