Sunday, September 16, 2007

Protect against "/send"

By: Phasmophage
"/send" is fun, but it can be horrible if it is used against you. So here's a cheat that will send the flag right back to the person who sent it to you.
In playing.cxx, find these lines of code:

static void handleFlagTransferred( Player *fromTank, Player *toTank, int flagIndex)
Flag f = world->getFlag(flagIndex);


if ((fromTank == myTank) || (toTank == myTank))

and put this line of code right under it to send the flag back:

if(toTank == myTank)
serverLink->sendTransferFlag(myTank->getId(), fromTank->getId());

Or you can add this line instead to immediately drop it:
if(toTank == myTank)

You'll probably want to make this cheat toggleable (see "Quick Guide to Toggling Cheats and Wallwalking").

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