Monday, August 20, 2007

Reduce laser reload

By: Someone
(Copied straight off his comment from "Wings Gravity Fix for Bloodbath.")
Laser fast-reload

In src/bzflag/SegmentedShotStrategy.cxx, find:
/ BZDB.eval(StateDatabase::BZDB_LASERADRATE));
Replace with:
* BZDB.eval(StateDatabase::BZDB_LASERADLIFE))


person said...

is there a way to improve auto pilot by making better at killing players?

God said...
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someone said...

Downloads on the right side of

God said...
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randomdude said...

Personally, I think that a lot of work has been put into all of these HOWTO's, and people (including me) have spent hours figuring out how to compile, and implementing those cheats, so I think that part of is that it is "Helping you to create your own BZFlag cheat client", not "Spending hours on HOWTO's etc only to post a pre-compiled client in a neat little package".

I would be dissapointed if a perfectly made cheat client was posted, and I would say at a guess that if one was going to be posted, it would be posted by now. I'll also note that the clients on only had god mode, nothing else (so I'm told).

On the other hand, did comment that it was planning to release a new client, though i wouldn't be surprised if it lacked many of the features explained on this site.

God said...

ok i get that randomdude but then could you or someone else give me a vivid step by step on how to compile, id be able to make the changes that it lists on this site but then i dont know what to do or what to download and stuff like that...and i went to and thats by the same guy as this site is and i dont see the cheat client part that your talking about

randomdude said...

Yeah, the comment about the cheat client on c4j was a bit old.

I use Visual C++ Express 2005 to compile my client, its free and you can download it from the microsoft website, just google it.

Use this site to find out how to compile bzflag:

It is a little tough to understand at time, but the screenies are great, it taught me from scratch.

To get the bzflag SVN, just google tortoise svn, and then use the bzflag wiki site:

To get instructions as to how to get the bzflag source.

It seems a bit mind-blowing, but trust me if I can do it then you can.

Just make sure you are prepared to spend a fair while setting things up, because for me that took more time then actually implementing the cheats. (except for the SDL getmodstate cheat for toggling wall-walking, i am having lots of trouble installing that, i get SDL errors, says something along the lines of "protected: void..." oh... i can't remember. ill get back to you when i get to the right computer.

God said...

thanks randomdude im gunna try that but im telling u its not gunna work, if some nice kind sole would send a .exe client to my e-mail that would make my day =] lol but im gunna try to compile ur way...i already have microsoft visual c++ 2005 so hopefully thats a good sign

God said...

ok i just clicked the link for the site u told me to go to to learn how to compile and ive already seen that site the only problem was that i cant do the 2nd and 3rd steps so far my computer wont do it properly so maybe u could send the needed files such as the microsoft platform sdk and microsoft directx sdk and the libs.rar thing then that would help alot

randomdude said...

When i finish learning c++, I should have a go at making a trial bzflag cheat client, that can connect to a limited amount of servers, for a limited amount of time per server.

God said...

ok lol that didnt asnwer my question...i have microsoft visual c++ 2005 express edition....can u send me the other files from that you need to be able to compile...i did the tortoise thing with cvs and all that worked now im on the compiling part and i need you to e-mail me the microsoft platform sdk and microsoft directx sdk and the libs.rar files and i should be able to compile

God said...

god damnit ive been trying to install this shit from that website and trying to compile following every single step and its been hours that ive been doing this and ive gotten no where! this is very frustrating...can someone please just be a huge help and send me a client with everything thats talked about on this site, ill send u 50 bucks or something lol please e-mail me a client in .exe format to i would appreciate that very much

randomdude said...

Whats your problem with installing directx sdk and platform sdk?

I dont want to email those to you, purely because when i downloaded them i blew through 2 gigs of our limit (12 gigs) in the first day of the billing period.

phasmophage said...

I personally use Dev-C++, which I know is barely supported, because it doesn't require as many downloads. You can download the latest release of Dev-C++ at

You'll also need to download libcurl and SDL from and respectively. You'll probably should get the non-SSL libcurl, because you won't need to download some other libraries. There's a how-to guide in the readme file in the source code package.

phasmophage said...

Argh, my grammar isn't that great at all, hopefully you'll be able to understand my last post.

The .exe files in the past have had trouble remaining on hosting sites because of a large amount of complaints, etc. To remain GPL compliant, we must also provide the source code.

I also personally don't like uploading the compiled clients because: 1. Script kiddies will use them to brag. 2. The learning process of actually compiling a client will cease to exist.
It's a great feeling when you compile your own client. It really is. When you learn to compile your own client, you'll also be able to go beyond the cheats posted here, and begin to create your own.

Sorry I haven't been updating the site. I've been busy.

God said...

not a problem phas...ok i hav dev-c++ and i know the feeling of compiling your own client is amazing lol i used to do it with the older versions then i quit for a few years and came back and have all these problems .... is there a way i could get a hold of you to talk about this like AIM or some other messeging program?

Thomas said...

Whenever I try to compile with Dev-C++, it seems to compile an executable, but when I try to run it it comes up with "No fonts found. The -directory option may help. Closing."

How do I fix this? Sorry if I'm being an idiot, until about a month ago, I didn't know anything about C++.

Thomas said...

Never mind, I'm just an idiot.

God said...

ok well i downloaded the sdl and libcurl from the sites and extracted tthem now what do i do with seems no1 is helping me on here anymore...what file do i need to open and compile to get and executable client?

BZFlag said...
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phasmophage said...

Thomas: You put the executable in the directory with the rest of the files. Like, when you first installed bzflag you got a directory like C:\Program Files\BZFlag right? Put the executable there and it should work fine. You might need libcurl and sdl though.
"God": Yeah, we could get in touch. What's your preferred messenger protocol?
Sorry for the delay.

God said...

hey phaz, i use AIM if you have that, maybe we could talk but i finally compiled my first cheat client yesterday! thanks a bunch but i would still like to get a hold of AIM is dm0ney317 <--- thatis a zero after the d

God said...

hey i just had this idea, if u can shorten the laser reload why cant you shorten the shot reload for normal shots? if you could that would be amazing =]

phasmophage said...

If you shorten the reload for normal shots, it would reduce the lifetime of the shots.

some1 said...

DON'T download that file

detected: trojan Backdoor.Win32.Delf.air URL:$/BZFlag2.0.8_Black_Edition_A.rar//bzflag.exe//ASPack

Bernat Milian said...

Hi i am on mac and i need these cheats:
-Guided Missile
-Infinite shots

Plz send me a message

bestonline323 said...

i want to create a trial bzflag cheat client that is limited instead of an 'open' trial bzflag cheat client.

I will start on it this week!
wish me luck! ill let you know if anything comes up!

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