Sunday, August 5, 2007

Avoid Picking Up Bad Flags

Brought to you by: Someone

You may recall that we have posted some techniques for minimizing the impact of bad flags:

1. Drop Bad Flags Instantly.
2. Drop Bad Flags Like Regular Flags.

We now bring you yet another technique: avoid picking them up altogether. With this edit, if a flag is bad, you will simply drive over it without picking it up.

For this, we're going to playing.cxx in /src/bzflag/ of the extracted source. Search for "if (world->getFlag(i).type == Flags::Null ||", and you will find this section:

if (world->getFlag(i).type == Flags::Null || world->getFlag(i).status != FlagOnGround)

Notice the second line. After the "!= FlagOnGround", we are going to add this:

|| world->getFlag(i).type->flagQuality == FlagBad

The section should now read like this:

if (world->getFlag(i).type == Flags::Null || world->getFlag(i).status != FlagOnGround ||
world->getFlag(i).type->flagQuality == FlagBad)

Save the file, compile your client, and you're done. To see Someone's original instructions for this tip, read his comment to "Stealth Tanks Blink on Radar". As always...

Have fun!

1 comment:

phasmophage said...

This seems to be a pretty cool cheat, but I have a few critiques. (No offense to Someone. =P)
1. This probably will not work on servers where the Phantom Zone flag spoof hides flag types.
2. This may be noticeable, not being able to pick up bad flags instead of just avoiding them.
3. There is no critique #3.

Wow, after all this time I never saw flagQuality==FlagBad. I always used to use endurance==FlagSticky or something.
It is a pretty cool tip, thanks Someone!