Friday, July 27, 2007

Drop Bad Flags Like Regular Flags

By: Phaz

You may recall our earlier post about how to how to drop bad flags instantly. With that edit, you drop a bad flag as soon as you pick it up. You may not always want to do that especially on servers that do not allow players to drop bad flags since you may bring suspicion to yourself.

TIP: If you are not interested in cheating... On servers where dropping bad flags is not allowed, you can usually take advantage of the drop flag after pausing feature of BZFlag to drop your bad flag. Simply pause, and your flag will drop after a few seconds.

As an alternative to dropping bad flags instantly, Phaz has a simple edit for us that will allow a player to drop a bad flag like a regular flag. For this, we are going to edit clientCommands.cxx in /src/bzflag of the extracted source. Search for "flag->endurance != FlagSticky" and you will find this section:

if ((flag != Flags::Null) && !myTank->isPaused() &&
(flag->endurance != FlagSticky) && !myTank->isPhantomZoned() &&
!(flag == Flags::OscillationOverthruster &&
myTank->getLocation() == LocalPlayer::InBuilding)) {

In particular, notice the second line:

(flag->endurance != FlagSticky) && !myTank->isPhantomZoned() &&

Remove "(flag->endurance != FlagSticky) &&" so that the line now reads like this:

!myTank->isPhantomZoned() &&

Save the file, compile the client, and you're done! To see Phaz's original instructions, read his comment to HOWTO: Drop Bad Flags Instantly at Cheating BZFlag. As always...

Have fun!

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Sk3letr0n said...

Whats the point? Why waste brain power pushing the space button when you can just have it drop them instantly like in the previous post?