Thursday, January 3, 2008

Using God Mode with Choose Who Kills You

By: Lord Jesus

With Choose Who Kills You and Super "Kill Me" on Demand, you could not use god mode if you had either or both cheats enabled. Here's a simple edit that will now allow you to have the best of both worlds. You can drive around in god mode and only blow up when you initiate killMe (Choose Who Kills You) or SuperkillMe (Super "Kill Me" on Demand). I was considering making this an additional update to Super "Kill Me" on Demand; however, I decided to make it a separate entry for the benefit of those who choose not to use god mode.

First, let's revisit Classic God Mode. In the God Mode cheat, we added this line in several locations within playing.cxx:

// skip this if i'm alive
if (myTank->isAlive()) return;

So that it will not interfere with killMe and/or SuperkillMe, we change it to this:

// skip this if i'm alive and we have not initiated getting killed
if (myTank->isAlive() && killMe == 0 && SuperkillMe == 0) return;

If you do not use both dead-on-demand cheats, you can edit the above to match which cheat you are using. Basically, we skip the check to see if we should be dead if we are alive AND killMe and SuperkillMe are zero (i.e., we haven't selected to be killed by someone). If we have initiated a "Kill Me", then we continue with the checks and we are allowed to blow up.

When you've completed your edits, save your file, compile your client, and ...

Have fun!


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